No Day But Today: When “life” imitates art?

17 years ago. Seems like another lifetime. In fact I was a different person.

19 years old and in a foreign city, on another continent, I went to go watch a musical called RENT. How little then would I realise how this one show written by an incredible man, Jonathon Larson, would not only impact my life but would also at times become my life.

They say life imitates art sometimes but the last 6 months, for me in particular, have most assuredly become the musical RENT.

I have come to experience the passionate and unwavering difficult love that the pairings experience in the show, I have come to experience the triangles and the trials and tribulations that brings, the upside and downs of friendship that only comes from the strongest bond and the love and compassion and pain that life brings.

I have also experienced life a new, struggled financially, lost my job and sat on my ass for two months (and found a new one) and really most importantly got to know myself and the people in my life. I was pleasantly reintroduced to “my cast” of my version of RENT, and it was glorious.

I discovered I was Mark and like Mark, I had my group and I found my Roger, Mimi, Collins, Angel, Benny, Joanne & Maureen, well versions of them anyway.

Whilst I am not a struggling artist on Avenue B on New York City right now, I remember thinking back then that world of RENT whilst incredible was completely unrealistic.

I have now come to realise the genius that is Jonathan Larson, and how well he understood human relationships, especially relationships based on nothing else other than survival, honesty, love, and respect.

The lessons I have learn’t over the past 8 months resonate so hard with the show it leaves me in awe. Whilst these are personal and those who are in my life know them well, I am forever grateful that Jonathon Larson wrote a show that made me realise that life can be art, it can be at times fantastical and at others harsh reality.

But I will always walk away with the best lesson the show ever taught me. NO DAY BUT TODAY.