Ryan Botha: “Photos from a rooftop!

It’s been two years since I last looked at these photos.

These images were from my very first shoot ever with Ryan Botha, South African personality, ex-pro footballer and function fitness studio owner (Point Break Fitness), taken in a Sunday afternoon in the sweltering heat on the Grand Daddy Hotel rooftop.

The Grand Daddy Hotel has an interesting rooftop in the sense that they have 6 silver Airstream Campers, each uniquely themed, that you can book to stay in. The rooftop venue garden is incredible and I am still grateful that the let me shoot there as they had never heard of me before.

This was before my move to Cape Town, and since then things have obviously changed. Particularly since I am now much better known in Cape Town as a photographer, my photography has also improved tremendously, and well Ryan Botha is not only my best mate but also my personal trainer responsible for most of my swearing each morning.

We have a shoot planned in three weeks time, so please come back and check out the new images and how we have both grown and changed as model and photographer.

Happy weekend everyone!